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845 Violet Avenue
Hyde Park, New York 12538

All programs include:

  • Listening Skills
    • auditory discimination
    • following directions
    • learning rhymes
  • Visual Discrimination
    • identifying colors and shapes
    • comparing items for "same" and "different" concepts
  • Motor Skills
    • gross motor activities - jumping, skipping, hopping, dancing, follow the leader and more eye-hand motor coordination throwing and catching a ball
    • fine motor activities - arts and crafts, using scissors, pasting, stringing beads, painting, coloring and tracing skills
  • Social Skills
    • adult supervised free play (indoors and outdoors)
    • role playing, sharing, listening in a group
    • show & tell and snack time
  • Academic Skills
    • reading to the children to develop concepts and vocabulary
    • telling stories to develop sequence concepts
    • counting, recoginizing numerals, understanding quantities, writing numbers (when appropriate)
    • reciting and recognizing alphabet, writing alphabet (when appropriate)
  • Music
    • the study of rhyme and rhythm through song
    • singing to piano accompaniment
  • Science
    • the study of plants, animals, magnets, weather, and nature
  • Social Studies
    • field trips into the community, discussion of historical figures, introduction to other countries and other cultures
  • Health
    • the study of personal hygiene, dental care, nutrition and safety
  • Field Trips
    • apple and pumpkin picking, dentist's office, library, various theatrical performances and many others related to the curriculum
  • Recitals
    • Holiday and Spring Recital / Graduation
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